Best Price Guarantee

We offer Personalized Service. It’s How We Built Our Business.Best Price Guarantee

Prices will vary depending on volume, project requirements and time constraint.

Each job is unique and we will provide a free custom quote to you. Price factors affecting data entry cost are listed in the FAQ.

Don’t worry about the price – we will offer you a best-guaranteed market price by adopting our specially designed flexible pricing scheme that will meet your budget!

Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Type of data service needed, eg. data entry, data conversion, image scan, digital publishing, etc…
  • Project description, volume estimation, sample document and output format.
  • Start date and end date, let us know if it is ongoing.

Get A Free Trial

Free Trial without RiskTo get a preview of our services and to have a better understanding of working with us we offer a FREE Trial for large projects.

We undertake to do a pilot project on a complimentary basis with a reasonable sample size depending on project scope. Our focus is on Quality, Cost, and Delivery matched by excellent service standards.


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