Web Data Capture to ExcelIntroduction

Are you looking for specific website contents to be automatically copied into a structured form (e.g. Excel, Access, SQL, XML) without manual, time-consuming and boring Copy/Paste work?

Whether it is Internet Research, Data Mining, working on e-Commerce sites or Cloud-based applications, we are your Online Data Entry Company with the right skill sets to get the job done. Data extraction is the act or process of retrieving data out of (usually unstructured or poorly structured) data sources for further Data Processing or Data Storage (Data Migration). Data extraction can help you take strategic business decisions that can shape your business goals.

Whether you need customer information, competition data – nuggets into your competitor’s operations and figures, market data, trends or information on your organization’s performance and image, it is highly critical to have data updates at your fingertips as and when you want the specific information. We provide data extraction from a variety of sources.


Internet Search

Internet Search: The process of searching the web for specific information for Product Market Research, Reference Material Research, Education and Business Web Research, Management and Organization Web Research.

Data Mining

Data Mining: Our Data Mining Services follow a specific set of instructions to collect information such as emails, Business lists, Company Contact Information, etc… from websites.

Internet Data Processing: Online Data Processing, Online Form Processing, Posting information onto e-Commerce sites and Performing Internet Data Entry.

Web-Based Data Entry: We perform web-based Data Entry by entering data online or via Remote Desktop using cloud-based applications.

Why us?

We have a dedicated team with expertise in collecting Web Data. Unlike many others who sell software for capturing data from the Internet and eventually resulting in a lot of Junk Data, we provide the services of capturing data with a combined manual and programming approach to save your time, money and ensure that you finally have accurate data for your business.

We develop powerful, innovative solutions and render them as web data capture and structured data extraction services that help organizations Quickly, Accurately, and Cost-Effectively get the required information from targeted Web Sites and other unstructured sources (emails, Documents, PDFs, Scanned Text, Mainframe Reports, Spool Files, etc…) and output into your favorable formats such as Excel, Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Delimited Text File and so on…

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