Problems can and often do occur when the production is underway.

The most frequent problem is that some of the source documents cannot be read accurately or do not conform to the data entry/indexing rules.

We send a regular progress report to the client’s representatives. A part of the report contains a list of problems.

The client’s representative is responsible for getting the answers quickly, making decisions based on prior work with the client or getting in touch with the customer to discuss how the problem can be best resolved.

The goal is to answer questions quickly to keep the project on schedule.

Sometimes the source documents contain images of poor quality. We help the client to identify the problems by providing a list of illegible images or the illegible parts of an image.

The client is then able to examine the problems and supply the correct data. Another strategy is to enter a code for the illegible data.

The customer can then search the database with the illegible codes and make the necessary corrections.

Problem Solving Process
Problem Solving Process