In a study conducted by John, Peddie results show a staggering 42% improvement on productivity with the use of dual monitors. Another study, this time by an NEC commissioned research team at the University of Utah found that people who used two 20-inch monitors were 44 percent more productive at certain text-editing operations compared with people using a single 18-inch monitor.

In our production center, we use dual-monitors for some of the project teams to increase productivity. One monitor is displaying the source image while another monitor is displaying the data entry interface. In this way, the typists can concentrate on looking at the images while typing into the interface very smoothly.

Also, web capture jobs would sometimes require copy-pasting of data from a source to a destination database (in most cases) and working on a 19-inch screen presents a big limitation on what you can do and how much space you can allocate for the source and for the destination window. You simply couldn’t move as freely as you wish and the Alt-Tab short cut to open a previously opened window is becoming too straining to the eyes.

Thus productivity is hindered by a big margin. In this case, the dual-monitor approach can greatly save the operator’s time. One monitor can display the web data while another can display the target database or Excel file. The operators can easily do copy and paste job in a more efficient way.